MAC. The Fondazione Gino Macaluso

2 February, 2021 - Italia

The Fondazione Gino Macaluso presents the book MAC, published by Rizzoli in collaboration with Mailander Shaping Communication, in order to tell the story of Gino and his passion for cars.

The texts and testimonies of relatives, friends and adventure fellows portray a great man, with a multifaceted talent, while the extraordinary images of the book explore in details the beauty of the cars in the collection, as real “sculptures” in movement.

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“We have been able to see the real interest of young and old in a cultural heritage, in the creation and maintenance of which Italy has played a fundamental role. From this awareness, we have developed the project of a Foundation that can give perpetuity and carry forward the values of motorsport and design, through the extraordinary collection of which we have the honor of being custodians.“

Monica Mailander Macaluso