Sharing Historic Car Knowledge

9 December, 2021 - Politecnico di Torino

“Sharing historic car knowledge”, the project that started on 9 th December at the Politecnico di Torino with the support of the Turin Chamber of commerce, ACI and ACI Storico, aims to promote the richness of the car’s cultural heritage, renewing in young people and new generations a passion for motor sport and car design.

The project includes a series of lectures dedicated to students at universities, design academies and high schools and held by some of the most prestigious names in the sector.

For the students of the Politecnico di Torino, engineer Vittorio Roberti and Miki Biasion recounted the development and refinement of the Lancia Delta Safari over the years, test after test. The focus was on the indispensable value of the continuous dialogue between drivers, engineers and mechanics in this process. The second meeting was dedicated entirely to the Lancia Endurance track cars: engineer Vittorio Roberti recounted their journey, from design to racing through development tests, in dialogue with engineer Giorgio Camaschella, who designed and oversaw the aerodynamic development of these cars. In January 2022, the third meeting will be held at the Foundation’s headquarters.

During 2022, other seminars will be dedicated to students at the Politecnico di Milano and other educational institutions.

The Foundation, in collaboration with ACI, ACI Storico and the Turin Chamber of commerce, has organised a series of seminars, meetings and training sessions for students held by some of the most prestigious names in the sector.